Watch the image be revealed as many give generously and we come closer to reaching our goal of 600 Families.

600 Families

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The 600 Families campaign is the primary giving vehicle for Raise the Dough. We are seeking 600 families to partner with Raise the Dough by donating $185 per year. This can be one lump sum or split into smaller donations for your comfort.

We give an average gift of $5,300 (based on individual need of each family) to every family we support. The $111,000 would be enough to ensure we have the funds to partner with every family we’re currently supporting and enough fuel in the engine to continue to support one family every month.

Since our goal is to say Yes! to one family every month, we want to set ourselves up to sustain this mission, if not exceed the current vision.

Please consider joining us as one of the 600 and encourage a friend or family member to participate with you in this blessing or donate on their behalf as well.


$185 ($15.50/Month)

18 Adoptions $111,000

Will you be number 106?

  • 96. Roley Family
  • 97. Bausch Family
  • 98. Williamson Family
  • 99. Barnhart Family
  • 100. Peterson Family
  • 101. Zimmerman Family
  • 102. Witt Family
  • 103. Morrow Family
  • 104. Smith Family
  • 105. Clark Family
  • 106.
  • 107.
  • 108.
  • 109.